Dental Surgery DVD Testimonials

Discover Dental Surgery is a consortium of dental clinicians dedicated to producing and providing the best clinical instructional DVDs available anywhere.

“These DVDs are so easy to use and understand. I paid for the DVDs with the first procedure I performed. My patient was extremely happy with the results!” Dr. Emma Galvan, Columbia, MD

These DVDs are not theory — they are the actual procedures captured on video and formatted for easy learning and repetition.

“I would highly recommend these training DVDs over any others. They are clearly laid out step-by-step and the illustrations and prep guide are a great help” Dr. David Kurtzman, Atlanta, GA

Discover Dental Surgery specializes in surgical procedures the general dentist — you — can learn quickly and accurately. You will be able to offer more comprehensive dental care to your existing patients as well as attract new patients with these procedures.

“I can highly recommend the Maxillary Labial Frenectomy video for anyone looking to add this procedure to their practice. Dr. Silverstein’s descriptions are easy to understand and the illustrations are excellent” Steve Lipson DDS, EUSD 1982

This is an investment in your practice future. Your initial investment will be recovered with your first procedure. Imagine increasing your practice income 10, 20, even 30% this year! It is possible with these new, easy to learn procedures.

“The best training DVDs I have even seen. I can’t wait for the next series. If you don’t invest in these, you are not investing in your future.” Dr. Brad Seeman, MT